May 24, 2017Aaron Nommaz’s second book hits the shelves May 23, 2017A Magnificent Concert at Edirne Synagogue May 22, 2017Rav Haleva will be Chief Rabbi of Turkish Jews for 7 more years May 17, 2017Lifetime Achievement Award to Sami Kohen May 15, 2017More Awards to UOMO Students May 11, 2017Fading food, lost language May 11, 2017Israel’s Independence Day is celebrated in İstanbul May 10, 2017‘Yerusalayim, Kudus, Jerusalem’ Exhibition at Edirne Grand Synagogue May 9, 2017Saar Asamayim Synagogue hosted Caricaturist Salih Memecan May 8, 2017Turkish Jews are going to polls for the election of Chief Rabbi May 3, 2017The Photograph Exhibition “Memories of Edirne Jews” opens in Edirne May 2, 20176 candles for 6 million April 27, 2017A Journey to the 50 years of Cannes Film Festival with Viktor Apalaci April 26, 2017The free world can’t say, “We didn’t know about the Holocaust!” April 25, 2017Trump: In memory of those lost in the Holocaust, we must stamp out Antisemitism