Together we said "we did not forget, we did not let it be forgotten, we are here”

Those who lost their lives at Neve Salom and Sisli Beth Israel Synagogues at simultaneous terror attacks on November 15th, 2003 were commemorated this year on Sunday, November the 20th at Neve Salom Synagogue.
Together we said "we did not forget, we did not let it be forgotten, we are here”

The pain, the meaning, the idea, the impact of the bombings which took the lives of Jews praying at Neve Salom and Sisli Beth Israel Synagogue and the lives of people who just happened to be nearby is forever engraved in the hearts of all Jews and whether they’re aware of it or not, it is also engraved in their genes. 

Those who lost their lives at the horrible terror attacks on 20 Heshvan 5764 (November 15th, 2003) according to Jewish calendar were commemorated on November 20th this year (according to Jewish calendar) at Neve Salom Synagogue at a ceremony that was crowded with numerous members of the Jewish community. 

The commemoration ceremony was announced beforehand in synagogues and through social media with a message: “The smoke rising from two of our synagogues and the sound of blast heard all around the city have been engraved in our memories with misery. 13 years passed since the atrocious attacks where we lost our children, our friends and our loved ones. Let us all gather to commemorate those we lost, to not forget what has happened, to not let it be forgotten and to say we are HERE..” 

There were more people at the ceremony this year as compared to previous years as if to demonstrate that the horrible attacks affected everyone and not just the immediate family members of those who lost their lives. 

At the entrance, people were handed out orange wristbands inscribed with the words “I AM HERE” followed by the number 13 symbolizing the number of years that has passed since the attacks. Also, spread over a big table at the entrance were flowers, white stones, candles and name tags for those who wished to write their names on or their message to the deceased to be placed inside the flowers. 

Following the prayers, candles were lit for those who lost their lives during the attacks. Also, candles were lit for Dentist Yasef Yahya who was brutally killed at an anti-Semitic attack in his practice in August 2003.


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