Salom writers were among the writers telling the stories of “Anonymous Jews”

Salom writers were among the writers telling the stories of “Anonymous Jews”
Rýfat Bali

The book with the title “Encyclopedia of Anonymous Jews” compiled and written by author Rifat N. Bali hit the shelves, last month. The book tells the life stories of 33 people. Each of these stories belong to Turkish Jews. Some of these people had passed away, therefore their stories were told by their loved ones. The ones who are still alive either told their story themselves or one of their relatives told for them.

What was common for these people was that they were all Turkish Jews and none of them were famous. In other words, they were random people whom you could see passing by on the streets, every day and that’s what made their stories even more interesting. This book unveils the lives of these random people. Each life story in this book is a small window opening to the depths of Turkish Jewish Community. Readers can find interesting and precious information about the daily life of Turkish Jews. This is a book for social scientists, historians and everyone who is interested in the history of minorities and their life stories. The book also includes true life stories written by Salom writers. 

Sibel Cuniman Pinto , the writer of the column “Breeze from Paris” wrote about her mother in the chapter “Zeldika’s Story”. Karel Valansi, the writer of the column “Objective” wrote about her grandmother Janet Benyakar’s life in the chapter titled, “Galata’s Most Beautiful Girl”.  Salom writer Elda Sasun shared the stories of her aunt Sultana Tilche in “C’est Une Chanson” and her grandmother’s father Avram Levi’s story in “Wine was a melody in Edirne”.  Salom’s film critic Viktor Apalaci’s daughters Suzi Dayan and Virna Gulzari wrote about their mother Tuna Apalaci in the chapter “Our Mother”. 

The book published by Libra Publishing can be bought from Gozlem Kitap Nisantasi or www.gozlemkitap.com.

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